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An update on our 2017 trips

Posted by Marian Marbury on Sep 7, 2016 3:10:39 PM

Anybody who reads the newsletter knows we're behind on posting the rest of our 2017 trips (as of 9/6/17, we have posted 35 out of 64). Alot of the remaining trips are ones we are offering this year and are fairly simple to get up on the web. We prefer to wait to post it until we have run the trip in 2016 in case there is anything we want to change. In addition we often cannot confirm rates, or sometimes even dates, so far ahead. But at least you can look at this year's trip and get a fairly good idea of what the itinerary is and about how much it will cost.

When a trip is new, however, you may be waiting to see if it is something you want to do before making a final decision . There are a few we have mentioned several times and you may be getting impatient and wondering if we're really running them. So here's the rundown. And if you're not familar with our rating system, please read about it here.

Hiking and Kayaking Greenland: I went to southern Greenland in June and was blown away by the wild beauty and the mix of truly feeling in the wilderness without, for the most part, camping - which in Greenland is dicey because the weather can be so atrocious. Since then I have been working with the company I went with to commit to an itinerary and dates. They have a very short season and this is the busiest time of year for them, so it is taking longer than I expected. If you're OK with very basic accommodations, this is a trip worth waiting for. The rating will be 3 and the trip will start and end in Iceland.

Hiking Northern Italy: A couple of months ago I was approached by one of our local partners in Italy about the possibility of a trip that followed the Via Francigena, an old pilgrimage path, through the mountains of northern Italy. Anne F, one of our guides, had time between the Swiss Alps hiking trip and the Dolomites trip so I asked her to check it out. Her report is that it has potential but with less mountain hiking than I thought and way less development as a pilgrimage route than the Camino de Santiago. She also is loving the Dolomites as much as I do. So next year our Hiking the Italian Alps will be a repeat of this year, again in early September. You can read the Dolomites itinerary here. The rating is 4.

Hiking Wales: The itinerary is finished, we're working with an amazing local guide, the dates are September 10 - 20, we're hiking in three totally different National Parks (Brecon Beacons, Pembrokeshire, and Snowdonia) and the rating is 3. All we're still needing is some pricing information for hotels and transport, and the trip is ready to post.

Pearls of the Croatian Coast: I had a conversation with our local partner on Monday (also just at the height of her busy season) to discuss a few itinerary tweaks. She has to send me some updated pricing information but otherwise the trip is ready to post. We start in Split, go to Hvar and Korcula, travel down the Peljasic Peninsula, and end in Dubrovnik. The dates are September 17 - 24 and the itinerary is a mix of history, culture, cuisine, and hiking. The rating is 2. Croatia is a unique blend of Italian and Balkan influence and I loved my week there this May.

Cinque Terre: For the last 2 years we have run a very popular hiking trip that combined time in northern Tuscany and the Cinque Terre on the coast. In developing an itinerary we're always trying to balance whether to see more or focus more on one area while still keeping the trip a reasonable length. Several people who have taken the trip said they wanted more time in the Cinque Terre area, so that is what we're offering next year. The itinerary and costs are done, we're just waiting to nail down the exact dates, which will likely be in October. This trip is actually hard to rate because some of the hikes are on steps going up the sides of cliffs, which is strenuous but very diffferent than hiking in mountains. In the past we have rated it 3/4 because you can choose to take days off and will likely keep that same rating.

New Zealand: We have the itinerary, the dates (November 6 -17, 2017), and the pricing so it's all set - it was just a lower priority to put on the web because it is 14 months away. It's multisport with hiking, biking, and kayaking and the rating is 3. Part of the trip is on a beautiful 3 day track that includes a tougher day that is more typical of our trips rated 4 (climbing 3,000 feet with a pack carrying a sleeping bag, some food, and spare clothes). However, that is the only really strenuous day out of 12.

Alaska: We ran into a couple of stumbling blocks with offering this trip again and need to look at some alternatives. By next week we'll know for sure whether we're offering it again.

Aside from all those, you can look at this spreadsheet to see the dates (although they are never definite until the tip is posted and available for registration) for all the trips:Trip_Schedule_for_2017. The light green color means the 2017 trip is posted on the web. The intermediate green means it is a trip we're repeating but have not yet posted. If the dates are after September 1, this year's version is still on our Trip Calendar and you can check out the itinerary there. If it isn't on our web, there is a column in the speadsheet called URL which has a link to the web page of the last time we ran the trip. The dark green color are trips discussed above. 

Hope this all helps with your planning and thanks for your patience. We hope you find the trip that is worth waiting for!