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The Adventuress

The Adventuress is a blog for women with adventurous spirits. It's a source of inspiration, planning, tips, and advice from experienced travelers and outdoor adventurers with the extra flair of being for women and by women only.

Announcing Partnerships with National Parks' Friends Groups

Five Highlights of Traveling as a Mother-Daughter Duo

Hiker's Glossary

Before you leave, grab a copy of our Hiker's Glossary

The glossary is the perfect companion for every female hiker, whether it's your first time on the trail or you have hundreds of miles under your boots. It was developed by our professional women hiking guides from their 100+ years of experience on the trail. Learn all you need to know about hiking terms and lingo today for FREE.

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Magic of Mongolia- A Photo Essay

Top 5 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude in Nature

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Adventuress of the Year Campaign

Opt Outside with Adventures in Good Company

9 Health Tips for Active Travelers

When and Why to Use Rubber Tips on Trekking Poles

Adventure Travel for Women Under 50

I'm In Love with the Land of Fire and Ice

The Nine Most Frequently Asked Questions by New AGC Travelers

Hiker's Glossary Part 5: Navigational Terms

Program Manager position available

Trail Etiquette for Hiking Groups

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GPS Devices for Hikers

Changes for 2019

Through a Guide's Eyes: Sketching in Tanzania with Brenda Porter

AGC and Social Media

Training For a Hike On and Off the Trail

Seven FAQs about Leave No Trace

Five mistakes to avoid on your next international trip

We Cannot Be Safe, We Are Not in Danger

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Buying airline tickets for your next adventure vacation - Part 1

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Climbing Kilimanjaro: 5 decisions to make

How to Stay Warm Outside in Winter

A New Year's Resolution Worth Making

Trekking poles for hiking trips: the 4 most common questions

How to start an adventure travel company

Boots for hiking vs boots for backpacking

Choosing Trekking Poles for your Next Hiking Trip

Do you really have to have all that stuff on a hiking trip?

How to Find Hiking Partners

Advice on Backpacks from AGC’s Lightweight Lady

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Adventure Travel for Women Over 60

Five Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

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Being an adventure travel guide: Part 1

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Unplugging from the Outside World

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A 'Heart Healthy' Valentines the AGC Way

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Adventure travel and the beaten path

Training Tips (Part I of III): 3 Month Sample Cardio Routine

Three myths about training for hiking trips

Sifting Through Your Travel Bucket List

First Day Hikes – January 1, 2013

Gifts for women who already have a lot

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Getting Ready for Kayak Tours: 5 Upper Body Exercises

Can adventure travel be too cheap?

Hawaii: Adventure Travel Style (psst… it’s not all about beaches)

Should women travel alone or join a group?

Adventure Travel Training Trips: Training for Outdoor Travel Inside?

High altitude adventure trips for women: what you need to know

Knotty Active Travel Tips

Adventure Vacations in Outerspace

Rock art or Sign post?

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Cleaning gear POST hiking trips

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Adventure travel for women over 50

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Adventure travel: What's the real price of your trip? Part 1

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What's in your overseas adventure travel first aid kit

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